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Responsability Social





We believe that delivery to the society more than products and quality services is a company’s responsibility. For us, the Apolo’s prosperity is related with three essential pillars: People, Planet e Profit. And we believe that balance these three concepts– environmental, social and financial – is the unique manner to the company develop sustainably.

From these three assumptions we created and developed our acting politics in each circle: beyond provide and support a lot social projects, as to the community as to the staff, we invest in series of practices that order reducing the environmental impact of our activities and make our public think and do the same.

As an example, we can quote projects like water management, atmospheric air and solid waste – actions that allow reach the established goals and reduce the waste. At the same time, we keep the Associação Cultural Mistura de Raças (In English: Cultural Association Mixture of Races), that support 115 families in the Morro do Chapadão, near the company and we offer support to many cultural and sportive activities, professional development, social assistance and campaigns and social integration projects, like “Apadrinhe uma criança neste Natal” (Patronize a child this Christmas) and “Jovem Aprendiz” (Young Apprentice).