Apolo Tubes and Equipaments - Tubos Apolo

Apolo Tubes and Equipaments

Pioneering in producing steel tubes

Apolo started working in 1938, first industrial company of Group Peixoto de Castro and pioneer in Brazil producing steel tubes ERW. The Apolo Tubes and Equipment is in a production unity in Rio de Janeiro, one of most important industrial poles of Brazil.

This excellent journey is due to dedication of human element, what provided the training of great professionals, always careful with your clients’ satisfaction and always conscious of your suppliers’ necessity. In another words, a job looking for partner’s success as a way of obtain your own victory.

This agility in define new horizons gives a good adequacy to the globalized world, especially due to the process of the businesses’ verticality, of heavy investments in technology, of commitment with the environment, of partnerships with specialized companies, of the continuous effort for the international competitive edge; a posture that, beyond ensure the achievement of the ISO rules for all companies of the group, that brings us the certain of other future years of success.

System of Management

  • Produce ace carbon tubes and its derivatives products for the internal and external market with necessary quality to its utilization and guarantee of treatment.

  • Commercialize 80 thousand tonnes of ace carbon tubes in 2015.

  • For Apolo, security is priority. For this reason, all professionals must ensure the fulfilment of the security rules of the company in their work routine.

  • To reach the established goals, it’s necessary that all the professionals are committed. Attention in the practiced price, in the unnecessary expenses and in the maintenance of the company’s patrimony is fundamental for this.

  • The client’s confidence is the differential to the company’s prosperity. Our obligation is ensure the excellence of our product, since its fabrication until its commercialization and delivery.

  • The manner that each professional does his daily tasks affects directly the result of any organization. Therefore, ethics and integrity in the relations with the company is the way to an ambience of collective growth.

  • Divide information in the company and express in a clear way the goals are actions that avoid the redo of the task. With this the company becomes more agile and efficient. Communicate in the right way is being transparent.