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Apollo Tubes in the Media


Have you ever heard of a company where the employees do not know the name of own coworkers?
On Apollo Tubes in Rio de Janeiro , this is fact . The staff barely know the names of colleagues who are there by your side
for hours. The reason is simple . They do not call it by name , but by his nickname .
Each has its : steel wool , A Seven A Pope Everything , Bigfoot , and so on . This peculiarity is just one example of the level of integration and friendship that exists within the manufacturer of steel tubes .
The work environment is so pleasant that the company is considered by many an extension of the house itself . All this is a result of climate stance that the company has adopted in recent years in relation to your team.
The Apollo values ​​its employees , always hear what they have to say and still insists on being close to the community.
There are few cases of employees who faced health problems in the family or financial difficulties and who could count on the support of the company. Conclusion : the staff even created a rap in honor of the company .
Is rap the Apollo. N

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